Windsurfing is a sport of fun and enjoyment. Once you can master the basic skills after successfully completing the basic training course, you will be able to do windsurfing on your own. You will enjoy the freedom when gliding on the surface of water and the romance of “flying” alongside with seagulls. It will also give you lots of excitement and challenge. When you are blasting on the water, the speed will pick up with the wind and the feeling is so wonderful that you cannot beat it. You may even win a “hurrah” from the spectators on the shore when you finish a smooth yet difficult maneuver. Are you ready to take the enjoyment and challenge from windsurfing? The Miro Sailing Academy have organized a series of windsurfing training programs ranging from introductory training to advanced training, so as to enable you to enrich your leisure time, explore your potential and set your own target in this respect.

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We launched with a dozen of brand new BIC Beach 175, Beach 225 and Techno 293 windsurf boards in different sizes suitable for all ages and 18 dacron sails from 1.5 to 5.0 square meters suitable for all wind conditions.

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