Miro Zlatarić on a Laser Dinghy

The Story behind Miro

Miro Zlatarić, CEO and one of the founders of Miro Sailing Academy d.o.o. always had a dream – establishing his own sailing school…

Miro was born January 25th, 1993 in Zagreb, Croatia as an only child in a traditional Croatian working family.

Miro’s dad Zdravko was a sporty person who played volleyball and handball all his life. In volleyball he was successful as  a member of the Yugoslavia national team. Later on he made his living from his main occupation in electronics. Miro’s mother Marija is a bank worker whose obsession is music. So at the very beginning there was a fight between two of them whether Miro is going to become a musician or a sportsman. As an only child the family decided to keep the tensions down and went for sport and music together.

For a 6 years old young child his parents wanted to find out which sport was most suitable, so they went to most of the local clubs for football, handball, basketball, volleyball and more sports. After a first practice at each club Miro kept on telling them NO! Just like he knew that there is one sport that they all don’t know about but they have to find it. As his parents originated from the continental part of Croatia they didn’t know anything about sailing. Miro was first too discovered this sport while (remember: at the age of 6) flipping the newspaper he saw a picture of a sailboat and started to yell „I want to go there, this is the sport!“. At first Miro’s dad didn’t like it because he was used to indoor sports so he couldn’t come to competitions and cheer. On the other hand Miro’s mother didn’t like it either because he was wet all year around so she was thinking he will be sick all the time. But Miro was strong and managed to convince them that sailing is the sport he really enjoyed and was looking forward to each moment spent on board a sailing boat.

As Miro was taller than the average his movement from the Optimist to Laser went quicker than usual. At the age of 12 (usual its 15) he moved to the Laser class and within the next year he was competing on his first national championship in Pula 2006. From that point Miro also started to go to regattas all around Croatia which gave him the honor to participate in Youth World Championship for Laser 4.7 class in 2008. Next year Miro moved to Laser Radial class where he sailed until 2010, with the hope that he would move to Laser standard class (which is an Olympic class for men). Unfortunately that did not happen as Miro injured himself while playing football with his friends one day. Knee surgery was needed at that point so he was out of all kinds of physical activity for almost a year.

As he recovered the first regatta he took part in was regional championship where he finished in third place. The problem for Miro was that he felt pain after sailing fora long time due to his knee surgery. As advised by doctors Miro had a second surgery on the same knee and decided to retire from competitive sailing in 2011. From that point he didn’t want to lose all his skills and abilities So he spent every free moment he  had with his old coach in a rubber boat learning how things worked for himself first hand. After a while he became the second coach for club he was sailing for Yachting Club 3rd May. Although most of his work was on a volunteer base he really enjoyed it. As he loved the sport way to much he decided to study at the Coach department of Faculty of Physical Education in Zagreb. As you guessed he decided for the Watersports department. Miro finished his studies and is currently working on the last phase of getting his degree.
As a part of university program he decided to finish his practical part in one sailing school, rather than in a club, just to see how the things worked in a different section of sailing. From that point he felt that teaching the people who did’t know anything or know very little about sailing became his obsession. It became his dream to establish his own sailing school – the best sailing school ever.

In 2014 the idea of forming Miro Sailing Academy was born. Today, in 2015 it became the First and the only one BIC Sports Official Watersports and Education Center for the Adriatic.