Open BIC in sailing school

O’pen BIC

A modern and planing hull

The fast, planing hull of the O’pen BIC gives a dynamic sailing experience of a true dinghy that heels. Being at the helm of this powerful machine gives you the same excitement normally experienced on a boat for adults. With its 6-foot Open design, including a totally open self draining stern, even capsizing is fun! Young sailors are fully independent on the water and will be proud to sail such a modern-looking and elegant boat, one that both sails and looks like the boat of today’s champions.

Futuristic equipment

On the hull, the shaped daggerboard and rudderblade, and all deck equipment and fittings are worthy of the most modern dinghies: Ronstan Cunningham pulleys and Ronstan mainsheet ratchet block, Robline ropes…. The rig includes a fully-battened North 4,5m2 mono-film sail with mast pocket, similar to that of a windsurf board. Rigged on an epoxy mast, the sail has been designed with an open leech to give sailors maximum control and performance in windy conditions.

Technical Characteristics

Length: 2.75m
Width: 1.14m
Weight: 45kg
Hull technology: Thermoformed polyethylene
Daggerboard and rudder blade: Composite epoxy
Design: Vitali Design
Sail: 4.5m2; K.Film – Polyester; 4 with adjustable tension Adjustable head
Mast: 3.90m (2-part mast); Fibreglass – Epoxy; IMCS 16; 2.1kgs
Boom: 2.00m; Aluminium