Scholtz 22 Racing Sailboat

Keelboat Sailing Courses

Miro Sailing & Windsurfing School offers a wide range of sailing courses from the introductory to advanced levels. All courses held by ISSA approved instructors with racing experience. You could select the most suitable course for your family and yourself online or you may consult our educated trainers to set up a personalized course for you. We also offer family optimized and all-you-want-to-try courses.

Keelboat Sailing Beginner’s Course

Sailing lessons KBS-104, KBS-108
Held on: Scholtz 22 Racing sailboat
This basic sailing course helps you to discover whether you like sailing or not, but it is not a question: 90% of people simply love it.
You will get on board of the sailboat, hoist the mainsail and the jib, sail up- and downwind, and tack (demonstrated by the instructor)
Duration: 8 hours practical training (4 hours per day)
In compliance with: RYA – Royal Yachting Association – Keelboat Level 1

Keelboat Sailing Basic Course

Sailing lessons KBS-220, KBS-228
You will be able to sail a keelboat in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision.
Duration: 20 or 28 hours (4 hours per day)
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Keelboat Sailing Advanced Course

Sailing lesson KBS-308

Keelboat Racing Experience

Sailing lesson KBS-503
On this 3 hour experience we will sail like on a real regatta — you will help us as crewmen — and explain what we do and why. We will hoist the large dacron mainsails and the gennaker. You will try all positions in the crew during this challenge — skipper, mainsail and jib handler. Do not join if you fear becoming wet! Best experience if you visit in two groups and make a real race with two of our Scholtz 22 Racings.

Keelboat Spinnaker/Gennaker Course

Sailing lessons KBS-416, KBS-420
A spinnaker is a special type of sail that is designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind. On this course you will acquire the fundamentals of spinnaker sailing.
Duration: 16 or 20 hours practical training (4 hours a day)
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Keelboat Sailing Regatta Course

You will know the history of regattas, their rules, applicable strategy and tactics and how to enter for a race. You will learn how to prepare the crew, the boat, the sails and the mast for racing. On the practice racing course set by buoys you can sail in racing conditions, and if you came in two teams we organize real competitions for the two racing boats. Among our instructors you can find active racers with over 100 regattas behind and an international sailing judge.

Duration: 12 or 20 or 28 hours practical training (4 hours a day)