Scholtz 22 #NameTheBoat


Contest alert!

Sea lovers, sailors and anybody with imagination help us choose the name for our newest boat and be the winner of our contest!

We’re looking to find the right name for our newest boat in the Miro Sailing ‘fleet’. We invite you to contribute with your suggestions. So please like and leave a comment on our Facebook page with the name you feel most fit for the boat shown in the image.

Every boat must have a Name and that name should be something that makes the sailor feel proud of as the sailor actually is.

Deciding on a name needs care and time. Well, we don’t have the time. Therefore You are welcome to give us ideas. By all means make it original and give it some personality.

But remember a boat is not for a year or two. You will have to live with it for a long time. Clever jokey names might wear off in time. Imagine using it when communicating on the radio.

The name is always a personal choice but since boats must be registered there are couple of rules such as no profanities or racial slurs etc. So keep it above… the floating line, so to say. 

Take your time have fun and use your imagination, the real christening won’t take place until launch day.

What’s in it for you?

Firstly we appreciate any suggestions you make. Secondly your name proposals might end up on the boat! And that’s something worth considering.

Of course you might just want to enjoy a one-weekend free course of sailing with your partner at Miro Sailing & Windsurfing Academy! With your own instructor for the whole day who will shed light on all aspects a sailor has to master. Yes that’s also included in the prize.