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Opening in CampingIN Park Umag

We are proud to announce that Miro Sailing Academy has won a tender to open a new base in Croatia’s Best Campsite each year since 2008.

We are located in the Watersport Center, Canova Bay. When you are planning your active holidays, you can count on us…

Sailing Courses

We offer sailing courses for kids on Open BIC, and for adults on HobieCat 16 and on 22 feet sailboats. If you have not sailied before, it is never too early and never too late to start.

Windsurf Courses

We offer windsurfing courses for kids and adults. Our equipment is new and suitable for all weather conditions.

Sup Rental

You may rent a sup from us. We are open from 9am to 6pm.

Flagship Sailboat Out of Factory

Paperwork is done! Flagship is ready to go!

Our new Scholtz 22 Racing is ready for shipping. She is brand new, just rolled out from the Scholtz sailboat factory — Style Jacht Ltd. — in Hungary.

The sailboat has all accessories Imre Scholtz Sr. (“Old” Scholtz) found suitable for a sailing school. She has a fence to protect beginners (and instructors :)) from getting overboard, stretchers on the deck and smaller, 15 m2 sails with two reefs to help students in stronger winds. But she also has a lifting keel, powerful 18 m2 dacron racing sails with a beautiful rattling gennaker to attract the racers as well. With its total 80 m2 sail surface on a 22 feet boat — increases your adrenaline.

All decoration done, she is fully branded for Miro Sailing Academy — on her hull and mainsail.

We hope, you will join us sailing this miracle on one of our starter courses, spinnaker/gennaker course or a racing experience.

Official BIC Sport Center

Miro Sailing and Windsurfing Academy is the very first — and till now the only — Adriatic Official BIC Watersports and Education Center.

As an Official BIC Sport Center we can offer couses and the possibility of trying almost the whole product range of BIC Sport.

O’pen BIC offers a one-design class with a growing popularity. We offer sailing courses on Open BIC and you may also try and rent this dinghy at our watersports center in Umag-Lovrečica.

BIC Windsurf manufactures windsurf boards both for racing and leisure. The Techno 293 (T293) is a one-design class. You may try this board, as well as the Beach product line in our windsurf school. We also offer starter windsurfing courses on the BIC Beach windsurf boards for kids and adults and advanced windsurfing courses on the BIC Beach and Techno 293 boards.

From BIC kayaks we have chosen the most modern Borneo sit-on-top kayak because of its extreme stability and usability for leisure and family purposes. You may rent and try this kayak at Miro Sailing and Windsurfing Academy.

You can find almost all of BIC SUP boards at our school. Stand-up-paddling has a growing popularity among young and elder because of its easyness to learn. At our BIC Sport center you may try and rent a BIC SUP board most suitable for your needs.

Why O’pen BIC?

I prefer to sail – not to bail

Today when you decide to start sailing, they usually put you in a rectangular shape of ”something” – we all learnt on and love – that has no form of a sailboat. This beginner’s sailing boat is called an Optimist, designed back in the 1960s, and in those times its shape and appearance was safe and that grew its popularity. We think of it with nostalgia, but cannot forget bailing it out after a capsized.

With the arrival of new technologies sailing is directed to the fact of increasing the speed and dynamics. The development of sailing is clear for everybody: to make kids interested in sailing cries for a new beginner sailboat. Today they want to sail not to bail.

And 2007 the daylight was shown with O‘pen Bic. Its open hull, carbon mast, monofilm sail, O’pen Bic is exactly what the beginners world of sailing needed. A small nimble ship which is accessible for beginners from 6-17 years, easy to handle. O‘pen Bic offers two different sizes of sails 3.6 m2 and 4.8 m2, which provides the possibility to work with all age groups and most important easy learning for everyone. The speeds produced by this boat are remarkable compared to outdated Optimist.

O’pen Bic class has a growing number of fans with the kids – the same as Optimists 50 years before. All the sailors who have sailed in both classes had a significant preference to the O’pen Bic rather than to Optimist. O’pen Bic is not only good because of the technology behind and its design: it has a significant advantage of being a very good basis for further sailing in larger classes, such as Byte CII (junior Olympic class), or double handed 49er(Olympic skiff class).

The opportunity to sail in this class in Croatia has not yet been offered, as sailing clubs are still tied to Optimists – keeping up the tradition or they just don’t have the funds to upgrade or the rest of the fleet is in private hands. So for the public there wasn’t a chance to try out the free feeling sailing of this fast toddler. We are proud to be the first to offer the opportunity to acquire the foundations of modern sailing and show children how to feel the freedom of the wind.

One of the most important things about the O’pen Bic that everybody who uses it is that they can feel 100% safe because of its open cockpit design which is much safer for the kids in the event of a capsize.