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Flagship Sailboat Out of Factory

Paperwork is done! Flagship is ready to go!

Our new Scholtz 22 Racing is ready for shipping. She is brand new, just rolled out from the Scholtz sailboat factory — Style Jacht Ltd. — in Hungary.

The sailboat has all accessories Imre Scholtz Sr. (“Old” Scholtz) found suitable for a sailing school. She has a fence to protect beginners (and instructors :)) from getting overboard, stretchers on the deck and smaller, 15 m2 sails with two reefs to help students in stronger winds. But she also has a lifting keel, powerful 18 m2 dacron racing sails with a beautiful rattling gennaker to attract the racers as well. With its total 80 m2 sail surface on a 22 feet boat — increases your adrenaline.

All decoration done, she is fully branded for Miro Sailing Academy — on her hull and mainsail.

We hope, you will join us sailing this miracle on one of our starter courses, spinnaker/gennaker course or a racing experience.